You could say I’m addicted to FaceBook.  The first thing I do in the morning besides cursing the alarm clock is roll over and check “da book.”  I check it on my phone fairly regularly during the day, and right before I go to bed, and especially when I was drunk (sorry ladies! haha).  I was thinking about this as I was driving around this afternoon running errands.  I know it’s good to disconnect and get away from it all, but I was also thinking that I not only have some REALLY kickass FaceBook friends, but also incredibly diverse as well.  In fact, my list of FaceBook friends is hands-down the most diverse thing in my life (although my iPod is a VERY close second, haha).

Just a quick glance through my friends list and there are bikers and hikers, bankers, bakers, and businessmen.  There are conservatives and liberals and Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Anarchists, and Socialists.  Married, single, divorced, gay, straight, lesbian, it’s complicated, you name it and they’re on there.  Genuine dirtbags and mortgage brokers.  Hell-raisers and preachers and teachers and professional students.  Whites, blacks, Mexicans, Germans, Dutch, Scots, Irish, Swiss, Finns, Canadians, Texans, English, Aussies, Kiwis, Chinese, Japanese, Inbetweenese (you laughed, admit it), Koreans, and so many others.  Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, cowboys, and Indians.  Broke-asses and millionaires.  Amateur foodies and professional nutritionists and cycling coaches and soccer, volleyball, basketball, and football coaches.  Single moms, stay-at-home moms; empowered women and embittered ones.  Ultra-runners and couch-to-5k-ers and drama queens and prom queens.  At least three people on my friend list are fighting cancer, and hundreds of others are fighting their own battle.

On my news feed you’ll find inspirational quotes, jokes, funny pictures, memes, all kinds of drama, family updates, news from around the world, and updates from long-lost classmates and friends.  Never before in human history has the kind of instant information and communication been available as we have now.  Scandals have been exposed and regimes have fallen because of this.  I don’t think people fully realize what an awesome power social media can be!  My question is how can you NOT be addicted to this?  Truly amazing.


P.S. – I still won’t play Casino Slots, so stop asking.


About dingo41

I'm 34, from East-Central Kansas, and you could say I'm pretty heavy into cycling. This blog is about all manner of things. I find it's more interesting that way! I hope you enjoy.
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  1. Kate says:

    Totally agree! And I’m similarly addicted. 🙂

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